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FROM : Chairman

TO : All Bureau/Regional Chapter Presidents, Class Presidents, Regular and Adopted Members, PNPAAAI


DATE : 29 January 2018

1. Pursuant to the BOT general instructions covering the week-long AHC events promulgated on 27 January 2018 during its regular meeting held at PNPA, Silang, Cavite, the following guidelines for the 38th Grand Alumni Homecoming are hereby issued for the guidance and strict observance of all concerned:


1.1.1. All Lakans and Lakambinis attending the grand alumni homecoming are required to attend the General Assembly.

1.1.2. Honorary and Adopted members are encouraged to attend the General Assembly as observers only. They cannot run for Trusteeship position nor vote during the annual election.


1.2.1. All regular members are required to participate in the association’s election process.

1.2.2. It is hereby emphasized that only members in good standing, are entitled to vote (Art. VII, Sec 9 [9.2] PNPAAAI By-Laws).

1.2.3. All candidates are enjoined to refrain from performing unprofessional acts to advance their candidacies. For this purpose, the following are prohibited during election: Use of social media and/or tri-media, including SMS, that tend to discredit other candidates. Posting of campaign banners inside or outside the Polling Precinct(s), except for election posters prepared by the Election Committee where all candidates are equally introduced. Vote buying and vote selling. Distribution of give-away items in favor of any candidate. Coercing, compelling, or intimidating underclasses to vote for or against any candidate.


1.3.1. Only Lakans, Lakambinis and duly recognized Honorary/Adopted Members shall troop the line. Dependents, mascots, and other similar entities are not allowed to join the class formation of alumni trooping the line.

1.3.2. Orderly conduct and proper decorum shall be observed in all proceedings, especially during the speech of the GOHS and in the alumni parade.

1.3.3. Banners, clothing or tarpaulins with messages that may be construed as politically partisan shall not be posted, worn, brought in, or displayed inside the Academy and while trooping the line.

1.3.4. All classes and their respective adopted members shall stay at their designated areas before, during, and after the ceremony, leaving their places only during the alumni parade then reverting back thereafter.

1.3.5. Only alumni, i.e., awardees, BOTs and invited honorees who are included in the list of invited Guests/VIPs shall be ushered to their designated seats in the grandstand.

1.3.6. Strict observance of the Rules for Decent Dressing is enjoined. In this regard, short shorts for men/women or any form of indecent dressing is prohibited.

1.3.7. Alcoholic drink or beverages are prohibited during the entire Alumni Homecoming (AHC) event.

1.4. ON HONORARY/ADOPTED MEMBERS – Only BOT-recognized Honorary and Adopted members pursuant to Article VI, Section I (1.2 and 1.3) are allowed to take their oath of membership during the induction ceremony in the AHC program.


1.5.1. Class Banners shall have the standard size/measurement as indicated: Class banner for posting shall have a width of one (1) meter and length of two (2) meters. Class banner for use in the alumni parade shall have a width of one (1) meter and length of two (2) meters.


1.6.1. Specific parking areas will be designated by the PNPA authorities.

1.6.2. All alumni are advised that during the general assembly and testimonial parade the PNPA gates will be closed the moment the GOHS arrives. However, during the D-Day where PRRD is the GOHS, the gates will be closed one (1) hour before his arrival.

2. For widest dissemination.

PDIR CEDRICK G TRAIN, CSEE Chairman Dress Affordable extra sized items to wear of the prom