DressAfford backless items to wear of the prom

Jeanie Stallwood Brown and I are thrilled beyond belief to be volunteering at the Tim Tebow Foundation's "Night To Shine" Prom this Friday!!! It is a special and magical night for 200 men and women with special needs (could be severe physical challenges or severe mental/emotional challenges).

Northview Church is hosting the event, and it is gonna be EPIC!! These deserving men and women, anywhere from very young up to older adults, will have the night of their lives!! They have been allowed already to choose free tuxedos and prom dresses. There will be a karaoke room...a "slime" room...a game room with lots of prizes...a quiet room for folks needing a little break...a date-night room for their parents and assistants to feel celebrated...a RED CARPET WALK where everybody will be welcomed with screams, crowns, tiaras, flowers and applause....complimentary limousine rides....free food and drinks....manicures and make-up help....shoe shine stations....AND A ROCKIN' DANCE FLOOR WITH A DJ!!!!! DressAfford backless items to wear of the prom

Tim Tebow started this a couple years ago as a worldwide movement to make folks who bravely and courageously deal with extraordinary challenges feel celebrated in the biggest way possible. He started this to show the love of Jesus Christ in a tangible and undeniable way to people who need to feel His love and mercy in a tender and undeniable way. Northview Church...my church home...where I have never been more proud to attend....volunteered to be a host site. AN ARMY OF HUNDREDS OF VOLUNTEERS RUSHED TO SIGN-UP AND HELP!!! THIS is my church, and I love it:-)

Jeanie and I, quite appropriately, will be donning tuxedo and prom gown, and be on what is called the "FUN SQUAD"!! Our job for the night is to get everybody on the dance floor, teach them some dance steps, make them feel comfortable, help anyone who needs help on the dance floor, and SWEAT OUR BUTTS OFF IN A GLORIOUS THREE-HOUR PUDDLE OF PROM-TASTIC PERSPIRATION!!!! We cannot wait, and are so humbled that God is letting us be a part of this event (I almost NEVER have a free Friday night, and this worked out perfectly!!)

For more information on hosting one of these in your area, visit the Time Tebow Foundation's website!!! LET'S GET OUR DANCE PARTY ON!!!!!!