DressAfford black colored dress for girl with mermaid style


In two years time I have built my music page up doing fb live shows and SHOWING up online often.

Today I had 18k viewers during my live session .

I have a video on fb that has 5.9 million views and 6 more over a million.

I travel around the country with just my guitar and produce my albums on my own money made doing what I love to do. I do my own merch, own records, own flyers, my own advertising, my own bookings through the independent artist group I created -
and don’t have someone standing over me telling me how I have to dress, act, write, sing...

I have started to work with other artists who want to get their music out online and start building a fan base on fb using fb live outlet. I have also starting working with other artists on songwriting and getting ready to record their first album.

I have been in the music business since I was 10 years old on the singing and writing and performing side... now I am in the music business on the business side as well and I would love to share everything I’ve learned the past few years being the first artist to use fb live video to create a whole new music world for myself . I went from counting $1 bills to buy groceries to making over $90k in my second year . With a guitar and an iPhone...that’s all I’ve had. I put myself and my original music out there online, I showed up and stayed consistent every day, and I worked hard to put out good original material and never stopped playing my own songs. DressAfford black colored dress for girl with mermaid style

I’m on the road full time now and singing my own original music.. and you can be too!! I know you can!! Cause just two years ago I was living in a shack cabin that had no heater and I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor and singing on broadway for tips sometimes not even making enough to get gas to get back home...

You can do it.. I know.. cause I’m doing it ??

Ever been coached as a singer- songwriter BY a Singer- songwriter ? Let’s make it happen!

I’m making myself available to teaching you everything I’ve learned .

Contact me for coaching : dawn@therealnashville.com or right here on fb.