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I remember our wedding day. It was a cold day. We didn't have or owned anything fancy back then. It was just us. Our wedding was the most cheap wedding you guys can imagine. Not a fancy venue and not a whole lot. I believe we spent less than 1K and the rest were generous gifts from family and friends. My wedding dress was $89 dollars from a store at Penn Square Mall. I still have it in my closet. My mom worked at Cocina de Mino back then and helped us with their banquet room. My brother in law's family had a flower business and they donated all the decorations for our tables. My sisters helped in every possible way with decorations and more. My mother in law cooked hundres of Argentineans empanadas for our guests. We are so bless to have so many good people in our lives. DressAfford disney princess ball collections wedding collections

Throughout the years we have learned so much from each other. Through mistakes and accomplishments, we have grown together. There has been times where we almost lost each other, but somehow we always found the way back.

I know that I am who I am today because of you. You taught me to be a better person in every possible way. You are mine Matias. You are my human. I only pray that we can continue to grow old right next to each other because you are the only person that I enjoy spending this silly and hard life with.

Te Amo Menis. Gracias por 11 aƱos juntos. Vamos por 11 mas?

Happy Anniversary Matias Menis