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February 1, 2018

Trip Log, Day 9

It was so nice to sleep in this morning. We are definitely in the Atlantic Ocean now and the sea is a little rougher. We don’t mind the ups and downs, and the wind was whistling off the balcony all night. I’m sure I will get used to that. If not, I do have earplugs with me.

We got up about 8:30 and dressed and went to breakfast. There were already many people on the deck soaking up the sun. There do seem to be plenty of deck chairs, however. I don’t really worry about that since I am not one to lounge around on the deck in the sun. We had a nice reasonable breakfast and talked about going in the pool pretty soon. Oops, as we were going back across the deck watching the Zumba class, two of the deck attendants were putting the net across the pool. Bummer, apparently too choppy to allow folks to swim.

We came back to the room to let our breakfast settle, and ended up watching the movie ‘Papillon’, which was just starting when we got back. I know I saw it long ago, but did not remember it. I had certainly forgotten that it was a mostly true story. Last night as we were leaving Trinidad, the Captain announced that they were taking four ‘prisoners’ aboard to take to Devil’s Island. We saw the video coverage of that this morning and it showed four people dressed in the orange and white striped outfits like in the movie. We will not be landing, just cruising around the island tomorrow. But apparently the captain has some other theatrics in store for the occasion.

After the captain made his noon announcement to put our clocks ahead yet again, it was suddenly 1:00. We decided to put our suits on and go up to the grill deck for burgers and if the pool wasn’t open, at least get in the hot tub. This is exactly what we did. We ate our lunch and listened to the live band on the deck and I got the first iced latte on my coffee card. It was nice to just kick back and enjoy it. The pool was, in fact, still netted, so we got in the hot tub for a while. Then it was time to come back to the cabin, where I remembered to call and make our dinner reservations for 7:30. Then it was time for a nap.

After our nap, we watched the sunset from our balcony. Then we watched a nature program on TV about sharks until time to go to dinner. We ate with a nice couple from New Orleans. Dan and I both had tempura sushi with kimchi as our appetizer. It was very interesting, but quite good. Dan had pasta putanesca and passed on dessert. I had lemon sole and a drambuie souffle for dessert. Dan just read me the ‘drink of the day’ for tomorrow from our nightly newsletter. For my friend Louella, it is a ‘Bennett’ cocktail and has Tanqueray gin, lime, sugar syrup and bitters. (With gratuity it is only $11). I think we’ll pass on that. I was never a gin drinker anyway. Now to get back to the true crime book I am reading on my Kindle. DressAfford evening items to wear of the sexy pattern