blue colored items to wear of the prom party

I hope everyone wanting to come check out your store for prom, pageant or whatever the occasion dresses reads the review from my visit on January 27, 2018. I also hope the older lady with short hair that works there also reads it and see what a horrible person she is to customers. You ruined my daughters whole dress shopping experience. Sorry I wish I would have known that I should have started out by showing her I was able to afford any dress they had in that store. I was prepared to buy her a Sherri Hill dress she was looking for. Your store made a mistake and it cost them a $800+ sale. I will take my money and my business elsewhere and put my story out there for all to hear. Your store has rude, ignorant people working there. TERRIBLE customer service!! blue colored items to wear of the prom party ? ? ? and by the way I was reading some of the reviews and the comments your store sent back. You were praising all the good reviews but everyone that gave you bad reviews you gave them a smart response back and made it sound like the customers all did something wrong instead of owning up to any mistakes your store made you turned the tables on them, with no apologies.