chic wedding collections in country and rustic style

Back to life! I had to lay me down for a while! My feel bad was feeling bad! I’m feeling worse now that that last online item I ordered came! I deliberately ordered the 3X because our choir was trying to find an inexpensive alternative to the robes every Sunday, I ordered this dress to present to them. Once again, a big disappointment! It’s too little, arms are too tight and it’s too short. It is definitely not true to size! The material is like an oversized t-shirt, the cheap material kind. chic wedding collections in country and rustic style

I’ve NEVER ordered clothing on line. I understand WHY now! If it’s not a MAJOR BRAND STORE I will NEVER order again. It came from out of the country, although no indication was made of that when you ordered. That’s THREE mishaps! I’m so done.

The dress I’ve received doesn’t begin to compare with what’s pictured! There is no flow nowhere! The arms were even sewn in wrong on one side. # disappointed