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The Weapon Of A Woman – Episode
Episode 03
Things has been going on well between
me and my wife, I trusted her and she
also trusted me a lot,because we both
knew that in a marriage, it is the
combination of trust and love that
brings about progress,so we both knew
that through mutual understanding, we
can face anything that comes our way
But as times goes on, when Dupe came
into our lives, I sensed that something
is about to go fishy, I always try to keep
off from her but all my effort is always
proving abortive..
“Honey, is the food not done, your king
is hungry o”I shouted from the dining
room where I was hooked on with
watching the TV while my wife is in
the kitchen preparing our breakfast
“I’m almost done dear, just a minute
please”She said while frying the
“Or maybe I should come and join
you?” I said as I made attempt to go and
join her in the kitchen
“Never mind dear”She said in a
romantic way
***Somebody knocks***
“Yes who’s there?”I asked as i heard a
sudden knock on the door
“It’s me Dupe”the voice sounded from
**What has this lady come to do this
early morning***”I’m coming”i said as
I opened the door
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw
how Dupe dressed, she was wearing a
very tight gown which is revealing up
to 70% of her thigh, Mehn I was carried
away with my senses
“Good Morning Dave” she said with a
**So na me Don turn from Uncle Dave
to Dave abi?***** I thought before
replying her
“Morning,how are you doing”I said as I
jerked back to life pretending to be a
little bit angry
“Is Nike around? “She said at the
“hun” I nodded in response
“Honey is that Dupe? “My wife called
from the kitchen
“yes it is” I replied her with my eyes
still glued to what Dupe wore to our
house this early morning
“Let her in”She said
“Okay enter dear”i replied with a smile
To my utmost surprise As she entered,
she stylishly rubbed her back on my
d**k which I lustfully received
“****seeing this she smiled****
“Oh girlfriend how you?”my wife said
as she came out from the kitchen with
her hand full with plate of fried
chicken and egg
“I’m good babe”Dupe replied with an
eye of hers still focused on me
Seeing that the conversation is
beginning to turn to a female one, I just
carry my food and went upstairs
On getting to our room,i was just
thinking of Dupe and her dressing, the
way she appeared hot to me, the more I
tried not to think of her, the more her
image kept on appearing to
me……”Wetin man go do?” I asked my
self as I tore the chicken apart in a
defiant manner,Still in my thought
when my phone rang and to my
surprise,it was Ade my friend calling
“Ore how far now, you still dey sleep
ni”Ade said jokingly
“sleep ke? I’m here devouring the
delicious fried chicken that my
beautiful wife prepared for me”I
replied in a flattering manner
“Hmmmm, why all this irrelevant
flattering, Is it because we have not
married abi?”Ade said smiling on
“Na you know o, ehn ehn that besides
Shey you dey home”
“Yes now, where would I be eating
chicken if not in my house”I replied
raising eyebrows on Ade’s question on
“Come my house now,we have
something to discuss on our boss
“No problem,I’m on my way”I replied
as I hung up to get my trousers and
“Honey I’m out o “I said after rushing
downstairs to meet my wife and her
tempting friend Dupe
“Okay dear, don’t stay long outside
oo”My wife said after receiving the
deep kiss I gave her
“Okay bye Uncle Dave”Dupe said
winking at me without my wife even
noticing it
**Alakoba she wan spoil my life*** I
thought as I rushed outside
Within some minutes and with the help
of my Jeep I got to Ade’s house and we
both discuss on what he called me for
and after that I told him that I’m about
to go, not until when he realized the
look on my face before he voices out
“Dave what happened to you, your face
looks dull”he said inquiring as he
cleared the document beside and sat is
“nothing jhare, I’m just a little bit
weak”i said protectively
“No no, that a lie,you can’t be weak
when you’re just coming from home
now,that not possible, Friend tell me
what happened to you? “Ade said as he
was trying to be elderly
“Man, I’m fed up of Dupe”I said angrily
“sorry who is Dupe?”Ade asked with a
baffled look
“Ahah, are you telling me that you
have forgotten Dupe, the lady that best
my wife on our wedding day, My wife’s
friend,”I explained to her as he was
trying to recuperate
“oh you mean that beautiful lady
abi?”Ade said
“yes now”i replied “she’s been tempting green mother of the bride dresses
me, I mean she really want me and I
don’t want to because I love my wife”i
said as my eyes turning red
****On hearing this Ade bursted into
an uncontrollable laughter***
‘Man what funny”i asked feeling
“I’m sorry man, wait is this what you
said she’s doing to you”Ade asked still
“Yes now, she’s seducing me now”I said
“guy you better open your brain, this is
a golden chance for you!!”Ade said
acting like a lecturer
“you mean I should give in for her”i
asked feeling irritated once again
“of course, don’t you know that no
woman will see you and won’t fall for
you”Ade flattered
“Stop that man I can’t”I snapped at him
“why can’t you?”
“cos I’m a married man for crying out
loud”i said raising my finger
“But Dave this is an opportunity for
“I’m about to go man” I cut in
“So all I’ve been saying doesn’t make
sense right? “Ade said feeling confused
“See, Friend reason with me, this lady
we’re talking of is my wife’s friend”I
said looking worried
“And so, man stop kidding and wake up
bro”Ade said tapping me on my
“I just can’t, because if I do what will
happen to my vow before the altar?”I
asked rhetorically
“Forget about that,it’s just a vow “Ade
said as he stood up
“okay I understand you, thank you
very much”i said as I made attempt to
“So my words have no reply”Ade said
“well I didn’t say so but man
goodnight”i said as I dashed out of his
room into my car
****I don’t know why my wife doesn’t
believe me or know the mission or her
friend Dupe is up to accomplish, I don’t
want to loose my wife but this lady
keeps on tempting me,…. Or I should
follow Ade’s advice? Maybe after once
she would leave me alone?*****I was
beginning to lost in my thoughts while
on steering……(To Be Continued