lace top wedding dress

I have my wedding plans start looking at entertainment for a circus the lion the clown people with fire people on high ropes comedy entertainment Martin Lawrence got my brides maids who I want to invite.... its gonna be a purple lilac dress jeezy white with purple tux everyone is required to wear soft colors pastel colors no one should wear purple but me a scripture in proverbs Mary j blige Alicia keys... musique souldchild first I'm walking down the aisle by myself unless Obama can find his way to give me away Barack Obama you are my adoptive dad it was on the news americas kept us apart but i knew from the start when i spoke your name without seeing your face the first black president a relationship like this cant be replaced sorry for all ive said and spoke florida beat me down and in sin i spoke i told you a week god created the world its easy for him to do a hard thing we just gotta believe gonna kneel down and pray tonight i know hes already won the fight we had a talk he had to remind me well you were adopted into the royal family ...sorry michell obama you really offended me nothing we cant get through you are a queen to me....jazzyfaithx...feeling like getting married the dates been set got the plans need you for the rest didnt really get it but now i do god meant me for you my dads are dead and my mothers ill a jerry kid i am not but now you know the deal...still feeling blessed without the rest...its jeezy i love he never failed me yet lace top wedding dress Jeezy i have my albulm so you can manage that you and mary are nuts ...ive been restored to my rightful place in christ god took aeay my holy tongue because of what i did... im a christian im still embarrassed how youve seen me go thrpugh these changes im never all tigether and need your help...i love jeez im just falling in love with you again...i cant wait to drop my albulm... Malia. Obama. Contact harvard or yale the school you go to about this then tell your dad to contact external affairs i cant wait to see you sorry yall bout all the misgaps i hope through it all ive left you something i know i have...a motivational speaker ive been to many men im trying to be a artists now..i feel exited malia like im hot like hotter than all artists like oh sash hey im sasha like my lyrics and my life down the aisle I mean you never lied to me on purpose but

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