long black formal dress with sleeves

So in many of my conversations with people about the Princess Problem... many people have mentioned "But what about Merida or Mulan?". So i thought, yes... these are much better princesses who are strong, independent, powerful and... use weapons! The reading i've been doing has brought to my attention that these princesses are characters many girls DO relate to and they are wonderful! However, the dolls and toys do not reflect the characters in the movies. long black formal dress with sleeves

So I did a quick search today online.... and it was disappointing. I searched 3 major stores for "Merida" and "Mulan". I could not find a doll that had Merida with a bow and arrow. I could not find a doll of Mulan in her armor or with her sword. Doesn't Mulan spend most of the movie in her armor??? I really don't remember - it's been a long time since i've seen these movies.
Below are some of the dolls i found online. If you were a little girl who loved these characters because you finally found a princess you can relate to... would these be accurate representations of them? I'm guessing no. i DID find Lego mulan with a sword!!! wohoo!!! but she also has a flower in her hair. BAH!
I did find an awesome Merida lego set.... but only through Amazon for $50. Not at any toy stores.

I understand these are older movies so maybe the toy selection is less now compared to when these movies first came out. (Brave - 2012 and Mulan - 1998)... but why are THESE the few dolls/toys that lasted. And I have a feeling the choice of toys/dolls at the time of release weren't much different.

I also missed it.... but apparently it was a big deal in 2013 when the Merida 2D character was released and looked NOTHING like her character. (see picture comparison from 2013)... something about Disney justifying this because they said Merida WANTED to dress up for her coronation ceremony? oooook.