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I think your assumptions are as good as mine when Culture is mixed with occultism, voodoo and politics...

While will a serving senator chase people around with matchet in the name of our culture? This is significantly barbaric...

Our culture is our pride!

Culture is the way of life for a people not religion nor Satanism.

Culture is an indelible mark for a people. The sum total of a people's way of positivism; the major pride for which a people are held in high esteem.

The way of life of some certain people who carries negative vibes against their blooded aborigenes, does not depict our culture in anyway.

Culture is not religion and religion is basically our belief not our culture...

For example, one can be a chritain, a muslim and a juju worshipper and therein live up the true meaning of a peoples culture without short changing our way of life.

Therefore, voodism, satanism and occultic practices can never replace our culture even as basic religions should not undermine our culture.

Our culture is our pride...

Our culture is not an occultic display of spiritual wickedness in high or low places, it is not political but santimonious in its modus operandi.

The Anioma people's culture is sweet, seasoned with love and plenty in goodwill and therefore, not satanic, barbaric or political.

In Anioma culture, White cloth and dress for example, signifies grace, peace and harmony.

However, Red is good, but total red dress up signifies danger,war, suspense and occultism talk less of smashing a live animal in simple style of occultic appeal.

In our culture, animal slaughtering is not new, but the new thing which is alien to our culture is when the intent for the slaughter is devilish and prying into others good...

This is the difference between our culture and satanism... Blood for blood is satanism, peace , plenty, and love for all is our culture.

When rituals are performed in a broad day light, it is understandable too.

This is why we must ensure to seperate the occultic display of some persons , voodism and wickedness from our rich cultural heritage which is our basic desire.

Anioma culture is second to non in the world and this i concure as a true Anioma son.

Recently, my post about Sen Peter Nwaoboshi performing some occultic rituals in a purely red attire was a hit back to back. But the post was misconstrued by some individuals and i think it is pathetic to say the least.

While a very few followers of Peter Nwaoboshi tried to attack the poster without comprehending the essence of the post, a very massive population whom i engaged independently acknowledged the fact that the post was a response to the initial claims of Sen Nwaoboshi and his boys that he' Nwaoboshi, must be elected on the basis of religion alone without performing as a seating senator representing the Anioma people. Thereby attacking the religion of others with his voodoo boys. mid length dresses formal

To correct the impression of many, who were swayed by the emotional side of the Nwaoboshi's voodism who tried to tie the voodoo to our culture, i wish to inform that Our Anioma culture is Our culture and i have never in any way attacked the culture of my forefathers.

Chukwu ajuu!

All that i have said so far, is for Sen Nwaoboshi to always draw the thin line beween religion and voodoo, Religion and Culture...

Religion and politics.

Instead of claiming to be a christian and rubbishing another religion in the name of politics, he should rather focus in politics and allow the people the right to judge his performances becausenwe know the true christians and not voodoo christians.

On the other side, i wish to apologise to those who felt i was attacking the Anioma culture.

This is not true and will never be true.

Anioma bu ofu!

Omena ni abu igo nmor...

Sen Nwaoboshi needs to learn cultural and religious tolerance from Prince Ned Nwoko...

Wise Prince Ajede ChMc, AsM

Leader, Team X salvage...

The Anioma pen for Good and Moral leadership!