mother in law dresses

There is a very cool story behind this medallion that Lisa Smith told me about on Wednesday when she dressed up as Wonder Woman to promote the Grays Harbor College Foundation’s upcoming 10th Annual Mystery Getaway. No one in Lisa’s family had been to college but six years before graduating from Aberdeen High School she enrolled in the Foundation’s World Class Scholars program which changed her life. Here’s more information about that program. “The World Class Scholar (WCS) program started in 1993 to form a partnership between students, parents, and Grays Harbor College. This partnership brings the promise of a college education to families throughout Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties. Students are invited to sign a contract committing to several scholastic, leadership and community service goals to be met before their high school graduation. Grays Harbor College offers the commitment of entrance to GHC along with a $2,000 scholarship award from the GHC Foundation to each World Class Scholar for their first year at GHC.” mother in law dresses