prom dresses with slits

The Valentine's Suite...

Tonight's piece is the Valentine's Suite and comprises a beautifully hand made 18ct Rose Gold and platinum, two tier flower cluster, with one of my much sought after button backs.
The main stone is a Natural light Ivory/Cream coloured round Sapphire (think Ivory coloured silk wedding dresses)
The two tier flower and shank of the Engagement ring, as well as it's two companion rings (to be acquired as a set only) A diamond set Wedding and Eternity ring duo all fit together very snugly on the finger without even a mouses whisker as a gap! prom dresses with slits
Now here comes the interesting bit...

The central Sapphire weighs 2.14cts. The diamonds in the Engagement ring, Wedding ring, and Eternity ring combined weigh in at 2.14cts too! They are of course my collection quality E-F Vs+ smalls throughout.
You will not believe the task this was to be able to create and consider. It is one of the reasons it took me a while to decide on the 'How to'.
Let's be a little thoughtful here my Magpies...

2.14cts and 2.14cts.
Two, and Fourteen.... Hmmmm. Valentines is just around the corner! 2 = February, 14 = Valentines.

I will not go into the hours of consideration and re-think that went on once I saw that Sapphire originally and decided I MUST have it for myself as I KNEW what I wanted to do with it.


My thoughts are this...

I want this set of three rings to go to a couple who wish to get engaged this Valentines (nest Wednesday).
If it does not this year then I am quite prepared to put them away in my safe until next year to give a second chance at making this happen.
The whole 2 and 14 thing means I cannot just see them leave me with no reason other than they are just wanted, they need to be wanted for the purpose they have been lovingly created for.
If you are one of my silent page Princes, and you are ready to make this step please read my first comment in the very top of this posts comments section as there is a second part to this story that WILL benefit you!

Otherwise, I just hope you all enjoy this piece as much as I have in creating it.
There will be a few finished shots in a post at around 8pm tonight and will include a couple of shots on the hand of a Lady who was kind enough to make herself available today.

Also there will be a full 'Making Of' album up tomorrow morning for about 9am or so. A couple of hundred shots possibly (or close to) showing the creation of this three ring Valentine's Suite.

Kindest Regards.

Your H.G