red evening dresses

Something I don't understand watching GMA... Kate Upton, gorgeous, supermodel, a me too victim. Makes a living promoting her image and yet when women including her want respect they show up with their hair in a flat ponytail and a neckline up to their collar bone.
I'm not saying she should have been victimized by all means no one deserves that and she should speak out but why feel the need to show up like a plain jane when you want respect. I just heard of a woman doing this in a courtcase she was a dominatrix and killed a guy but showed up in all white pant suit, hair in a ponytail, low make up.
Like come on we know how play men, play the image card, it just doesn't sit well with me.... Something isn't right here. Shouldn't you want respect all the time even when you are sexy. If you are in love with your image own it. Let your beautiful hair down, wear an elegant flattering outfit. Don't hide it when it suits you, right?
And I feel the same about the other way yes she makes a living wearing little to nothing on the cover of a swimsuit mag (and that's totally awesome) but irl if you want respect you shouldn't show up like those ladies on the red carpet with slits up to here and barely covering their nipples. (I'm not saying she showed up to her meeting with the guess dude in a swimsuit asking to be groped) red evening dresses
I'm saying... Balance ladies... balance. Stop going to extremes for the shock value on either side. Be a woman, be proud, be elegant, leave something to be desired but let your damn hair down. Stop dressing to your target audience and dress for you. People should respect you for that, not for what you want them to see when you have something to say.
People don't take me serious. I'm a hardworking, farmer, gardener, cleaning lady who wears jewelry, make up all while shoveling shit. But I'm judged as if I don't belong, I have outworked high school boys half my age in the hay mound with a manicure. Show up for yourself and prove them all wrong... WITH YOUR DAMN HAIR DOWN!
End Rant. Happy Friday!