simple homecoming dresses

While getting dress for work I went back down memeory lane to the 90’s at FMBC..

To my church family Do y’all remember when the choir stand had the Burgundy curtain in the back and the picture that was in the choir stand was at the back of the church? Do you remember when it was a Senior choir, Mass Choir, and youth choir?

Do you remember when the deacon and mother board had three rows on the each side Mother Johnson and her praise partner as frail and they was would catch the Holy Ghost every Sunday. Mother Sue would be on the end looking mad (I was always scared to play the drums during communion because she would be giving me death stares simple homecoming dresses ? ).
Do y’all remember when Daddy Kelly use to sit on the front row in the corner with that Brown Suit on and white socks? ? (I can’t remember the song he use to always sing)

Do y’all remember when THE great Rev Barron went full time at Roundtree and when he came to FMBC we all would run up to him and give him the biggest hug but while you hugging him you would put your nose up to his jacket and smell him because he ALWAYS smelled GOOD?

Y’all remember when Homecomings were LIT!! Mr. Dick would make the best pink lemonade and was stir it with that wooden stick ? ?

Remember when choir anniversary use to be....long ? ? ? .

Thank God for growth but I sure do miss the 90’s when everything was simple. I hope this make y’all laugh and smile as it did me!